Axiom is recruiting!

Atleast three 40 lvl rare(2stars) curios

500 points per CvC with time this will rise.

You should add your club members as your friends

Be active on clubchat

Respect others

Breaking the code is resulted as kick from the club.


Add ID

Player name - Player ID

[AXIO]Scream - 7ZGRD8QK


New members

Pietro, Jose, Lucky and Steve!




Requirements for applying

  • You play "Curio Quest" game At Armorgames
  • You want to develop yourself in game
  • You are looking for relaxed or serious gaming
  • You are interested to join Axiom

How to join?
  • Go to IRC #AXIOM  , wait there, before somebody takes contact.

Welcome! and promotion!

Our new members;



To axiom, It is pleasure to get active members, warm welcomes to our newest additions!

Khazan reached the green mile! hence the promotion from recruit to member.

Welcome! New members again. puuh

It took long time to notice you, due to we are quite active clan and the traffic is fast inside our Club!

Welcome Meow and XxXalex199 to Axiom!

Axiom Council!

Axiom Council has been founded!
Members are atm, Axiom and Maher.

Council Member Requirements:

- You are active on IRC
- You have atleast one idea, how to develop this club.
- Only members and Officers can apply for council